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Welcome to our Specialist Paediatric Dental Practice

Our practice is located on Level 7 in Burns House, Dunedin, New Zealand where we carry out our dental consultations and dental treatment. We also operate a monthly clinic for treatment under general anaesthesia at Mercy Hospital, Dunedin. We provide families with private specialist dental care for infants, children and young people.

To book an appointment or to find out more, call us on 03 479 2372 

What is Specialist Paediatric Dentistry?

A specialist in paediatric dentistry has the highest qualification and experience to best manage the unique oral health needs of your child. Specialist paediatric dentistry is the branch of specialist dentistry concerned with all aspects of oral health for children. In New Zealand, specialists must be registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand.

See other New Zealand paediatric dental specialists here: DCNZ

Who Visits Our Practice?

Our practice is a specialist paediatric dental practice and children of all ages come see us for a variety

of reasons. These include:

  •  For specialist care for children with needs that are best attended to by a specialist paediatric dentist;

  •  For routine and regular dental reviews and minor dental treatments;

  •  Referrals from providers including the Community Oral Health Service, General Dental Practitioners and   General Medical Practitioners and Specialists;

  •  Children who are anxious in a dental environment;

  •  Following an accident that affects gums and/or teeth (dental trauma). ACC may support and contribute to your   dental care;

  •  For orthodontic extractions and associated procedures.

Please note that we see children and young adults of all ages. Indeed, we have several ‘older’

patients/adults who see Dorothy as they are anxious in the dental setting. If you would like to see

Dorothy, please make an enquiry.

You do not need to be referred to our practice and we welcome enquiries directly from parents and



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To provide excellent contemporary paediatric dental care in an approachable, child-friendly manner, in a modern, well-equipped and comfortable practice.

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To empower children and their families to prevent future dental problems. 

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To help children to develop confidence so that they are comfortable in the dental environment and grow-up with a positive attitude to oral health.

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