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What Our Clients Say

Rachel, Dunedin

“I would not hesitate to recommend Burns House Dental to anyone wanting to give their child a safe, gentle, well thought out child-centered dental experience.  It is that perfect mix of excellent quality dental care blended with an understanding of children.  I am grateful someone recommended them to me for my children!”

Georgina, Dunedin

“Our experience with Dr. Dorothy was just amazing. Our 6-year-old son was referred to her after visiting two other dentists. Even though they were experienced professionals, they couldn’t find a way to deal with his fear and anxiety towards going to the dentist.

So, by the time I contacted Dr. Dorothy, I was feeling frustrated and hopeless, and so was my son. Going to the dentist had become a nightmare! And I couldn’t stop thinking: he will need regular check ups for his whole life, what a bad start!

On the phone, Jonathan, the practice manager, listened attentively to our prior experiences and understood that our main problem was my son’s fear, not any technical issue. When we finally met Dr Dorothy, I noticed from the first moment it would be different. She came to talk and play with him in the waiting room and, to my surprise, she already had all our story registered in his file, so I didn’t need to explain anything again.

Dr Dorothy is really special in dealing with children. She explains what she will do, includes their toys in the conversations, lets them try her tools, and asks for their opinion. She speaks their language, understands their concerns and lets them ‘lead the way’ where they can.

My son felt safe, cared for and above all, respected in his needs and fears. I need to say, as a parent, that I learnt a lot from watching her.

To Dr Dorothy, my admiration and gratitude!”

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